Is Computronium Possible?

Is Computronium Possible?

is computronium possible? future

What is Computronium?

Computronium can be referred as is a conceptual concept that refers to a substance that surpasses the theoretical limit of computing power. It would allow us to perform useful work on a limited amount of energy. It is usually associated with advanced civilizations that would seek to get the most out of their limited computational power. Although it’s not as crazy as some of the other things that have been suggested in science fiction, computronium is still far away from reality. That said various fictional ideas have turned out to be quite real. For instance, the idea of computronium being as crazy as flying cars and warp drives is not only preposterous, it’s also not as big as most people initially thought back in the days. I’m no saying that it’s impossible to achieve full full computronium, what am stating is the hurdles we need to overcome in order to achieve computronium, they are the ones which seem impossible.

So is computronium possible? No, at least not in the near future due to the following limitations that we must first overcome: Namely – computation limitations, processing power and matter and computation relations. As for now and the current future computronium remains an unobtanium.

Computation limitations

The efficiency of a computer is related to how it assembles itself in the real world and what its uses are. Doing so is very important when dealing with non-resource constraints (limited resources). As of to-date the computation capabilities are still in infantry stage if they were to be compared with what is needed. That said, it is important to note that it is unclear what the computational limits will be for quantum computers as technology advances.

Processing power

Even though atomic-size transistors may be possible in the future, they still need to be arranged in a slightly different way to perform their intended function. Even still the most clever programmer would need to have a program that would run on the matter to re-configure itself. Doing so would allow the processor to focus on its core operations, while the programmer would be able to solve the problems that it has identified. ( To get around this problem, imagine that a processor as a piece of matter that can reprogram itself to get around the problem. It could then be built with a large core and many small cores).
In short we would still need to arrange the atoms of transistors properly in order to make them work seamlessly. Doing so will allow us to get more efficient at processing.

Matter and computation relations

We can theoretically say that atoms are already computing things. For example say that you wanted to know the energy level of a Helium atom. You could do this by taking a few real atoms and measuring the spectrum of light emitted by them when they’re excited with a voltage (meaning that a simple Helium atom is capable by itself to compute the breaking of its own energy levels) . In a way computronium already exists, since they are very efficient at computing themselves. But, in order to make the Universe work seamlessly and productively, it needs to have an overhead, which is a price to make it do something different from what it’s meant to do.


Computronium is an amazing concept and if its possibility of fruition to reality would come true, then it would have astronomical impact in human civilization as we know it, let alone singularity.

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