Technical Boy | technology explained | Mr. Worlds’ manipulation

Technical Boy | technology explained | and Mr. Worlds’ manipulation

In the book and later movie series American Gods, Technical Boy is the embodiment god of technology. He can control, influence and even manipulate the internet, electronics and other technologies. He represents the whole internet platform but not the content which is controlled by Media and later by New-Media (social media). Mr. World on the other hand is the leader of the new gods, an embodiment god of globalization and he possesses all the world knowledge.

Technical Boy | technology explained | Mr. Worlds’ manipulation

Evolution of technology

Technical Boy is an incarnation of previous technical deities before him that way back from the first human technology advancement, like the Artifact-1(the first stone tool to be made and lit fire) to the latest technology. However with each advancement or improvement of technology, Technical Boy upgrades himself and looses all his previous memory. We see this phenomenal in real world circumstances each time there is a new tech product or advancement, where the old technology is always replaced with the new one (and the old ones become obsolete). All this is despite of the fact that new technology is a result of and is founded on the backbone of the old technology.


Mr. World knows that Technical Boy might be the strongest and most powerful god of them all because he is the embodiment of human innovation and the bridge between the Old and the New gods but Technical Boy doesn’t understand this because of his lack of previous knowledge. This makes Technical Boy a non-disposable figure in the new-gods community because Mr. World knows pretty well that they can’t survive without Technical Boy.

Power play between Mr. World and Technical Boy

The bad blood between Technical Boy and Mr. World always boils down to two things: knowledge and wisdom vs intelligence. Although Technical Boy has an artificially intelligent mind that is faster than any computer and that can instantly process information and deduce statistics and logics quickly, he lacks the knowledge and experience which Mr. World possesses and as a result Technical Boy has difficulty in understanding Mr. Worlds’ actions and thoughts.


Technical Boy is by far the perfect symbolism of technology as we know it to-date. The creators and writers of American Gods both really did an amazing job of portraying to as a glimpse of how technology has and is evolving and its impact and use in the world.

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